The Bum App

This application is currently in development testing and should hit the AppStore at a future date. Since this is a freelance job I can not provide any source for this but I will descripe the different apsects of the app which I implemented below. I can also provide videos of it (during development stages).

"The Bum App" is an app I've made as a freelance job. I was given a smal brief with 50 words and from that I made a design/concept document. After a couple of revisions it was approved and I've since done the full production cycle. From a small prototype to a full AppStore release.

Online connectivity - The application talks to an online service, in this case it is The user can upload images, with metadata such as tags. The application will also download new images that other users have uploaded. Before uploading the local client will generate a thumbnail of the full image, this thumbnail is what other users download first to save bandwidth.

screenshot screenshot

Smart downloading - The application will keep track of what images are downloaded and uploaded. If the user have uploaded an image, which then shows up in the online gallery the user will then display the local image instead of downloading the full resolution image again.

Custom drawing for perfomance - Since there is a lot of images showing in the application, sometimes maybe hundreds, the app needs to be fast. The image "gallery" is customly drawn to make the application very fast.

Image manipulating - Using OpenCV, the application can make pictures (or rather, the people in the pictures) either thinner or fatter.

Administrator mode - When an image is uploaded it is automatically tagged as "not approved". An administrator-user can put their app in "admin-mode" where he/she gets access to more features. A feature here is that they will be able to see a list of uploaded images and approve or disapprove them based on weather the content is okay or not.

screenshot screenshot