I recently found that you can drag a window in OSX by the sides. This is handy when the top bar of an app is very crowded and you don’t want to fiddle or risk a misclick.

To do it, you drag the mouse perpendicular to the way you would if you were to resize the window. So if you place your mouse on the right side where the resize will happen if you drag left/right - you instead drag up/down to move the window. On the bottom where you would resize with up/down - you instead drag left/right. Like this.

It is also handy when you have a huge screen and don’t want to move the mouse too far, just grab the bottom and move it.

Here are a visual area of where you can drag a window.

And here’s an actual example in bad GIF quality, but it should get the point across at least.

Great little UX by Apple that I am sure you will use a lot now that you know about it.