I am working on an old Macbook (late 2008) with a small screen and an even lower maximum resolution. If you’re familiar with Xcode, you know that there are 4 portions. Left, bottom, right and the middle.


They are all important when you need them, but when you don’t need most of them i.e. when you are writing code, it can be a hassle to have them there.

What I did was to bind the Xcode key shortcuts to toggle these panels to some sane and logical keys. Namely CMD + 1, 2, and 3. This lets me without any friction hide away the file browser (left side), the console (bottom) and the inspector-thingy (right side). It also lets me show it, if it is hidden.

If you are like me, your hand will most likely rest close to the CMD and 123 keys so it is always present. If you are working on a tiny screen, like to have a big code editor and are frequently annoyed by the panels taking up space - give the bindings a go. It has, at least for me, saved me a lot of frustration.

These are the actual bindings.


As a bonus, I’ve set the alt + 1234 etc to toggle the “tabs” within the right panel. So alt+1 would take me straight to the first tab, the files. Alt+4, however, would take me to the 7th tab, the breakpoints, because I don’t really use the 4th tab at all.