I like to track stuff, I rarely actually use for something really productive, but sometimes I look at the data and have some fun with it.

For the last two years I’ve tracked my own location. Actually I only track my laptops location, but it is almost always with me so it works.

I use OXSs built in CoreLocation coupled with a cron job. I say I, but actually I use this program which I downloaded and compiled a long time ago.

Running it, it spits out this:

Latitude: 55.625155
Longitude: 12.649675
Accuracy (m): 65.000000
Timestamp: 15/08/2015 1:46:23 pm GMT+2

Easy enough to parse. Each hour, with cron, I run the following command.

export DATA=$(whereami); wait;
export LAT=$(echo $DATA | awk '{print $2}'); wait;
export LNG=$(echo $DATA | awk '{print $4}'); wait;
export TME=$(date +"%s"); wait;
export URL="$SITE/track.php?time=$TME&long=$LAT&lat=$LNG&title=cronjob"
curl $URL

On the server I have a simple MySQL and PHP script that stores it, and presents it in a Google map.


If you look at the URL you can see the title parameter. I had a couple of different ways of sending my locations. I made an iOS application that had only one button which sent my location. I also made an automated version of that one, it required jailbreaking and I did not complete it.


I don’t really use this data, I planned to automate posting images as well but I haven’t done that yet.